Bujinkan Training Event in honor of Kathy Baylor


A good friend to many in the Bujinkan martial arts community, Kathy Baylor, has passed away and the community is coming together to pay its respects the best way it knows how--via Budo. In her book, Kathy gave a special thanks to Hatsumi-sensei for his "boundless wisdom, humor, generosity, and light." The Bujinkan meant so much to Kathy, and Kathy meant so much to so many of us.

Please join us for this special seminar, featuring... Doug Wilson from Japan, Jack Hoban, Jeff Christian and many, many more.

EVENT: Bujinkan Training Event in honor of Kathy Baylor

DATE: Sunday, February 27, 2011

THEME: "Kihon Happy"

WHERE: Pearl Studios, Room 1204
(500 8th Ave. b/t 35th & 36th, NYC)

WHEN: 10:00am -5:30pm
(with lunch/break/catching up time 2:30pm -4:00pm)

COST: Suggested donation of $30 -$70 (though any amount is welcome. Kat would never want anyone to feel hesitant about attending because of financial burden.)

Flyer Downloads:     PDF   or   JPG

FACEBOOK PAGE:       or click   http://tinyurl.com/kathybmemorial

We hope that all can come together for this very special member of our Bujinkan family. And even if you do not train (or no longer train) in the Bujinkan, you are welcome to come and experience something that was important to Kathy.

Please note that all funds raised from the seminar (after the facility charge) will be donated to Kathy Baylor's family, for the family to use or donate as they see fit.