NOTE FROM THE FAMILY: We are trying to gather photos and short statements about Kathy for her memorial program and slide show. Please send a request out to all her people on your list asking them send photos and short statements to Once we receive the information we will include as many of the pictures in the memorial in some way.


I have returned today from the Honbu Dojo and have spoken with Hatsumi Sensei at length about Kathy and this event. He sends his deepest regards to the family and to all invloved in arrangments and participation in this event. Kathy was a dear member of the Bujinkan and she will be missed much. Deepest regards from Nagato Sensei as well as she often attended his training. -- Doug Wilson

I just started remembering what Kathy talked to me in her life. Her passing reminds me of "ichi-go ichi-e again; "for this time only," "never again" or "one chance in a lifetime". Never know what flow will happen anytime in your life. Your ...loved ones might be no longer able to talk to you tomorrow.... You might be no longer able to see your loved ones tomorrow. You appreciate the moment your life gives you, and you could live happily adapting the flow in your life even when you face the unexpected one. -- Maki Takeuchi

Sorry to say I can't attend the event, but I'm quite sure it will be one of the greatest training events in the Bujinkan. I think this is a gift from Kathy to us all, the whole Bujinkan community. Let me thank you guys working on the event. -- George Ohashi

I am a Japanese pupil called Yoshida. I was taken care of by her through work in various ways. I hear this obituary and am full of sorrow from the heart. I am not yet believed. Kathy was a really wonderful person. Of now just her pray its soul may rest in peace. When Kathy visited Japan in the year before last, I took this photograph at my dojo studio. -- Yoshida (BuYu)

Dearest Aunty Kathy, your little Goddaughter Raphaelle will miss your emails, gifts of silly putty, love and friendship. I will miss you so much my friend, your wisdom and support. Im sorry we cannot be there in person as we are so far away, but we will be with all of you in spirit to remember such a magnificent human being. We love you Kathy xxx. -- Hoshin Australia

I will be there in spirit. Enjoy your selves and have a great time. Kathy would have wanted it to be that way. -- Bujinkan Yeo Dojo

I am gratified to see so many people attending this event, though I cannot myself attend, as I've moved back out to San Francisco. I didn't know Kathy well, but I fondly remember her having warmly welcomed me into the Bujinkan family in November 1997, when I visited Japan for my first training trip, and I knew no one. I could tell right away that she had a generous heart, and discovered in short order how warmly all regarded her. I'll regret not having known her better, and will miss her. -- Russell Whitaker

When your young friends pass too early it reminds you how precious every day is. For any of my Buyu that can attend please give my best to Kathy's family. -- Michael Waschak

I hope this photo [see pictures page] shows the happiness and kindness that Kathy had. It was taken in December 2008 outside the Hombu Dojo, Japan. I always smile when I see it. -- Alastair Gould (England)

It has been a terrible loss. I am very sad. My condolences to her family and friends. -- Pedro Fleitas Gonzalez

Peace be to you Kathy. You where such a bright light, warm soul and sweet friend. My heart is full for you. -- Richard Van Donk

Kathy, my deepest love, respect and memories will be with you, your family and cherished friends today. I shall drink a toast to your life and honour your name. God Bless! -- Andrew Young