Kathy Baylor worked in the music business for over 12 years. She began her career at Motown Records, followed by a stint at Sony Music. She left Sony to join a long-time partner in founding Midnight Songs, a boutique music publishing company under Polygram Music Publishing. After three years as a music publisher she joined Universal Records, where she handled A&R for Urban, Pop, and Alternative music.

Kathy was an international entertainment consultant and executive producer. In January 2000, she founded The Mageborn Company, a consulting company specializing in music and film. Her music clients include Universal Records, Sony Music, plus several major record companies in Asia. She had executive production partnerships in America, Korea, and Japan for development of major new music talent, and was the music consultant for two American action film projects in development.

The artists and producers Kathy had worked with range from Boyz II Men, DíAngelo, Brian McKnight, Billie Myers, Ricky Martin producer Desmond Child, Stevie Wonder, Monifah, Angie Stone, and underground Japanese R&B sensations Soul Lovers to Rakim, Ziggy Marley, Wu Tang Clan producer True Master, Lucy Pearlís Raphael Saadiq and Ali Shaheed Mohammed, Erykah Badu and DíAngelo producer/engineer Bob Power, The Lost Boyz, Hong Kong pop superstar Jacky Cheung, Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G. producer Clark Kent, and more.

Kathy had been a panelist on lectures at music industry conventions including How Can I Be Down? and ASCAPís Songwriters Series; the guide includes hundreds of pointers and tips based on Kathyís actual experiences working side-by-side with successful music artists.

In her spare time, Kathy was a rabid listener of every kind of music known to man. She traveled the world extensively in her quest for new music, worked with several international stunt teams, and enjoyed her Bujinkan training in Japan.